Who shares your biggest snack obsession?

Have you ever wondered if you like some celebrities favorite snacks? With National Potato Chip Day coming on March 14, which potato chips are the celebs favorites?

Just because they live the glamorous life doesn’t mean that celebrities favorite snacks aren’t real. Although it might not be in the star “like us” section in some magazines, many celebrities love the same potato chips that are sitting in your pantry right now. You could have a snack match and never know it. Let’s see who might be your celebrity snacking match.

According to Frito-Lay, “three out of every 10 snacks produced by Frito-Lay are potato chips. That equates to 29 pounds of potato chips per second.” While no one is saying that potato chip snacking should be Joey Chestnut’s next competitive eating endeavor, a lot of potato chips are on the market.

Just walking down a snack aisle can be a little overwhelming. Even just plain potato chips can come in a variety of flavors. From classic to kettle cooked to wavy, a person could eat a different type of potato chip at least every day of the month.

Still, everyone seems to have a favorite potato chip that just satisfies their snack craving. Whether munching your way through a bag while binge watching or finding the perfect pair to your juicy burger, the pantry isn’t stocked unless there isn’t at least one bag of potato chips on the shelf.

Celebrities have their snack obsessions, too. Whether it is seen on the basket ball court or it pops up in a music video, those snack cravings are the real deal.

Of course, basketball fans know about Anthony Davis and his love of Ruffles. The chip company even made his own special chip flavor this year. That combination of lime and jalapeno offers just the right amount of flavor punch.

Another superstar athlete, Patrick Mahomes, is a fan of Ruffles, too. As seen his girlfriend’s Twitter account, he shouldn’t try to hide his love of those ridges from her. Maybe those Ruffles fueled that Super Bowl drive.

Classic Lay’s potato chips are hugely popular with many celebrities. Classic potato chips are always in fashion. Whether eaten on their own, enjoyed with a hamburger or even transformed into something else, Lay’s always brings smiles.

Lay’s are many celebrities favorite snacks. From Beyonce carrying a bag in her purse to Lizzo clearly stating that Lay’s is the only chip for her.

If you look overall, it seems that sports celebrities are drawn to Ruffles and pop stars are drawn to classic Lay’s. Does that trend seem to say something about potato chips? Maybe the next study from Frito-Lay could study that food trend.

The only favorite potato chip choice that was a little unusual is Demi Lovato’s love of Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno chips. Lovato was seen with these chips right before the Super Bowl. Maybe she can inspire foodies to try something new.

If you are looking to go celebration National Potato Chip Day with a chip that is a little non-traditional, why not try a bag of Red Rock Deli Sweet Chili & Sour Cream. This chip is a favorite in Australia and now it is available in the U.S.

The Red Rock Deli Sweet Chili and Sour Cream chips are described as “thick, crunchy deli style potato chips in a new flavor that blends a subtle kick of chillies and paprika with the smooth tanginess of sour cream, made with no artificial flavors or colors.” That touch of paprika could bring a whole new flavor to snack time. It is time to definitely try these chips.

Whether you have the share celebrities favorite snacks or prefer to snack in a whole different direction, why not open a couple of bags of potato chips to celebrate National Potato Chip Day. From going back to a classic or trying something new, the potato chip is always a tasty treat.

What is your favorite potato chip? Do you share the same celebrities favorite snack obsession?

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