The most WTF celebrity quarantine makeovers

We all have a little too much time on our hands these days. Some of us have filled the hours cooking five course meals. Others dusted off the Italian phrase books we got for Christmas. A lucky few contributed to the world’s supply of Tiktok dances. But when we can’t stand the boredom anymore, we go for the big guns and break out the hair dye kit. 

Celebrities seem to be feeling the grind as well and have taken it upon themselves to show us just how creative they can be. In case you needed your own makeover inspiration here’s a few celebrity quarantine stunners. 

Jonathan Van Ness said it best:

Colton Underwood

This fresh look Colton is sporting is courtesy of his lovely girlfriend Cassie Randolph. It’s not a bad first-time attempt, although maybe someone should let Cassie know that she might have taken a little too much off the top. 

Jonathan Van Ness said it best:

Hilary Duff

Hilary is getting rid of her quarantine blues with a new radiant do! She looks like she should be exploring underwater caves and basking on seaside rocks with her mermaid brethren. 

Jonathan Van Ness said it best:

Jonathan Van Ness 

Let’s all join in a moment of silence for Jonathan’s mustache. Also props to Jonathan for taking the plunge and finding a new lewk. He’s on a journey of self-discovery. 

Jonathan Van Ness said it best:

Julia-Louis Dreyfus

She looks . . . fantastic! We’ve never seen color used in such a bold, unapologetic way. That’s some groundbreaking technique that’ll have every Youtube beauty guru quaking! 

Jonathan Van Ness said it best:

Mark Wahlberg

It’s not everyday the star of countless gritty action flicks sits down to have a bright pink manicure but we imagine it was probably long overdue. 

Taraji P. Henson

We are firmly on the bright hair bandwagon! Taraji has taken her look to the next-level with her fiery red curls. 

Joe Jonas

Who knew Joe Jonas had such large, gorgeous eyes? He looks like a Disney princess. Seriously, he’s got our vote for a genderbent Vanellope von Schweetz. 

Blake Shelton

Many men have become victims of their girlfriends moonlighting as barbers and Blake is just another casualty. Then again, we’ve seen a lot of musical hits combined with mullets lately so maybe it’s a strategic decision. 

Armie Hammer

This is actually a photo from Armie’s audition for the new Tiger King movie. He wants to play all the roles at once – and some of the tigers too. 

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