The Masked Singer’s Jesse McCartney Is Joining Celebrity Watch Party

The Masked Singer’s Turtle, who was revealed to be heartthrob Jesse McCartney, will be joining another new Fox show, Celebrity Watch Party.

Fans of The Masked Singer don’t have to wait long to see Turtle back on their TV screens. Jesse McCartney who was revealed during the show’s finale to be Turtle is joining another new Fox show, Celebrity Watch Party.

During The Masked Singer finale, fans were shocked to find out that Turtle, the long favorite to win the competition, went home empty-handed. While he was unable to secure the golden mask, he was able to secure the love and support of a whole group of dedicated fans. For former teen heartthrob, McCartney this was just reigniting the passionate fan base he once had by reminding them all just how great of a singer he is. McCartney has a new album coming up, and this was perfectly timed for the “Beautiful Soul” singer. He has released two songs fans can add to their playlists and of course all The Masked Singer performances are available to rewatch. However if that’s just not enough Jesse McCartney for you, Fox has even more.

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The new show Celebrity Watch Party follows celebs, and their families, as they watch outrageous or dramatic TV or movie scenes. McCartney joining this will allow fans who knew it was him all season on The Masked Singer a chance to see a bit of more him sans mask. Anyone who has checked out his TikTok content is familiar with his fiancée Katie Peterson. As the two are quarantining together, it is safe to assume she’ll be joining him. It is fun to see celebrities in their daily element. Who didn’t love seeing Rob Lowe and his sons cringe along with everyone else at Dr. Pimple Popper?

Fans will have to tune in tonight to see what clips they will be watching. Week one the celebrities were shown a clip of The Masked Singer and the unmasking of McCartney’s fellow contestant Jackie Evancho. This was met by an awkward, but entertaining, exchange in the Osborne household as Ozzy reacted with, “Who the f*ck is that?” Made even funnier by the fact that Sharon was actually a judge on America’s Got Talent when Evancho was on it years ago. Is it possible that fans will get to see McCartney watching a clip of himself on The Masked Singer? It is hard to tell.

So far there have only been two episodes of Celebrity Watch Party and neither episode has repeated the shows that the celebrities were shown. This doesn’t mean that won’t happen in the future. It would definitely seem like a missed opportunity not to show The Masked Singer with one of its most popular contestants on the show. It is also unclear how long McCartney will be on the show. With only two weeks so far, we’ve seen some celebrities appear both weeks and others only once making it appear as if they rotate in and out.

Whether you watched The Masked Singer or are a fan of Jesse McCartney’s from his acting or singing career, he’s likely to be a popular addition to Celebrity Watch Party. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Celebrity Watch Party tune in to see which other celebs might be joining the party. It’s one of the few shows that appears to have a format not impacted by lockdown in any way. And its a little more fun for those of us watching shows alone to see someone else’s reaction to a clip to justify our own.

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Celebrity Watch Party airs Thursdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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