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This quarantine split seems very, very complicated!

We’re all been on a rollercoaster with Brooks Laich and Julianne Hough’s slow burn breakup, so we can’t imagine how they feel. Well, actually we can a little bit, thanks to some helpful inside sources — but even that info has been all over the place! At first we heard that the dancer was the one ready to let go while Brooks was clinging on. Then we heard that she was “super upset” and struggling with the split. 

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Now, a source for Us Weekly has contributed another piece of the puzzle, which both confirms and complicates things we’ve already heard. 

For one, it sounds like Laich was very hesitant to pull the trigger on divorce, which seems to be the consensus. But this insider makes it sound like he was forced into it! They said:

“Her actions are what caused her divorce with Brooks. Brooks did not want a divorce, but he felt pushed toward it because of how Julianne was behaving. But Brooks is not the one who is bummed now.”

Hmm… what actions are they referring to here? Hanging out in quarantine with other guys, perhaps? 

This source also claimed that the dancer’s friends were surprised by the breakup. They explained: 

“Her friends think Brooks was an amazing, strapping dude and aren’t sure why she let him go or messed it up.”

Putting aside how funny it is that the 31-year-old’s friends would describe her ex-husband as “strapping,” we find it a bit surprising that Hough’s pals would be surprised. After all, the couple had been physically separated for some time before the official split was announced. Plus, rumors of a rocky relationship had been swirling for a long time before that. 

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In fact, another Us source last month described the breakup as “a long time coming,” but added:

“There’s still a love there, but not in a romantic sense.”

That did seem to be the case when the America’s Got Talent alum left a friendly comment for Laich’s breakup haircut. On top of that, the former hockey player just spent his birthday (on June 23) with his ex-brother-in-law Derek Hough, which would be pretty awkward if there was bad blood. 

As for whether the 37-year-old is ready to move on, the first Us source stated: 

“Brooks doesn’t have anyone new in his life right now romantically speaking.”

Yeah, a pandemic isn’t the best time to go looking for a rebound. Take your time, buddy!

What’s your take on all this conflicting info, Perezcious readers? Leave your thoughts in the comments (below). 

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