Mount Rainier grad among Cameo celebrities

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Mount Rainier graduate Dick Fain may be one of a kind as the voice of the Seattle Storm, but he is one of thousands of celebrities whose personalized messages are available on Cameo.

Fain finds himself as one of three Cameo celebrities with connections to the Seattle professional women’s basketball team and one of 43 with Seattle sports team connections in all.

There are 20 with connections to the National Football League’s Seattle Seahawks, 15 with connections to the Major League Baseball Seattle Mariners, three connected to the Seattle Sounders of Major League Soccer and two former Seattle SuperSonics players from the National Basketball Association.

Cameo allows a purchaser to buy a video message from a celebrity talking either to them or to a friend or family member to give as a gift.

“It’s a virtual autograph,” explained Cameo media relations and public relations specialist Brandon Kazimer from the company’s Chicago office.

Cameo was started in March of 2017.

“It’s pretty well established in Seattle, nationally and world wide,” Kazimer said.

The cost varies greatly depending on who the celebrity is and what they ask for.

“The talent makes their own cost as high or as low as they want based on demand,” Kazimer said.

Celebrities with Seattle sports connections top off with the $1,000 asking price of former Seattle Seahawk Kam Chancellor and the $625 of former Seattle SuperSonics great Gary Payton.

Most are much less, however, with the low being the $5 asked by the Sounders’ Stefan Cleveland.

Fain charges $29, while the Storm’s Jordin Canada charges $30 and Jewell Lloyd $15.

The other Sounders with Cleveland are Stefan Frei at $42 and Jonathan Campbell at $30, while the other former Sonic with Payton is Kendall Gill at $15.

Out of those with Seahawks connections, Jarran Reed checks in behind Chancellor at $300, while Golden Tate III is $190 and Brian Bosworth $150. John Randle and Lawyer Milloy charge $100 each.

Next are Ahman Green, Jacob Hollister and Mark Rypien at $50 each followed closely by Marcus Trufant at $49 and Ugo Amadi at $35.

At $25 each are Dion Bailey, Benjamin Burr-Kirven and Jaron Brown while Demitrius Knox and TJ Houshmandzadeh are $20 apiece.

Landon Turner, Garrison Smith and Nygwon Murray charge $15 each and Khalid Hill $10.

Out of those with Mariners connections who are available, Nelson Cruz, Adam Jones and Eric Byrnes are $100 each and Bret Boone is right there at $99.

Ryon Healy charges $50, Justin Dunn $45 and Carl Edwards Jr. $40 while commentator Dave Sims is $30.

Omar Vizquel and Steve Cishek are $25 each and Ryan Rowland-Smith, Jake Fraley, Julio Rodriguez and Logan Morrison are all available for videos at $20 each. Danny Espinosa charges $15.

The best way to find the video you are seeking is to look up and hit search (magnifying glass) and type in the team, celebrity or category.

There are 8,000 athletes in all, plus thousands of celebrities of other types including actors, actresses and models.

Press the request button to order and follow the instructions, including typing in the desired message.  Response times vary depending on the celebrity.

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