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CEO of mental health clinic Smart TMS, Gerard Barnes explained that the Royal Family has brought authority and authenticity to the importance of mental health during the coronavirus crisis. Speaking to, Mr Barnes insisted, unlike with celebrities, there is less scepticism surrounding the words and actions of the royals like Kate and Prince William. He said this is due to the Royal Family’s constant dedication to duty and country.

In comparison, Mr Barnes noted that the public becomes sceptical of celebrities when they attempt to champion a topical issue.

Mr Barnes said: “I believe the royals are seen with a greater level of affection by most not all.

“The clarity of what they stand for: duty, country everybody understands.

“Whereas with celebrities, there is potential scepticism about why they are saying something.

“There is a wonder of whether there is a hidden agenda with celebrities.

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“I think the Royals can bring authority and authenticity to it.

“This is something celebrities can also do but only a select few can do this very well.”

The coronavirus’s impact on society has resulted in a greater focus on mental health during lockdown measures.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Wednesday gave their backing to a new mental health support network.

“Catherine and I, together with the Royal Foundation, will do all we can to support Our Frontline.

“This work will be our top priority for the months ahead.”

Mr Barnes also insisted it was important for everyone, during the coronavirus lockdown to seek help whenever they feel they need it.

The Smart TMS’s Mental Health support helpline hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

The UK callers should dial +44 (0) 20 3855 4578 and callers from Ireland should dial +353 1592 3560.

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