Idris Elba Slams The Conspiracy Theory That Celebrities Are Getting Paid To Say They Got Coronavirus

Some people are starting to theorize that celebrities were getting paid to say that they were getting infected in order to stoke fear in the populace. Cardi B, who has become the internet meme face of coronavirus anxiety, even discussed this conspiracy theory on Instagram Live. She said:

“Let’s say if I have the coronavirus right now. How am I supposed to know I got it because sometimes I be like, ‘If y’all have a cough, you have it.’ But then I be seeing these basketball players say like, ‘Yeah, I have the coronavirus, but I don’t got no symptoms.’ So how the f-ck am I supposed to know when I’m supposed to get tested for it? I’m starting to feel like ya’ll n—-s is paying n—-s to say that they got it, and if you are paying n—-s to say that they got it, PAY ME, TOO!”

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