Eddie Murphy is One of Many Celebrities Who Has Experienced Burnout

Eddie Murphy recently opened up about his experience suffering from Hollywood burnout. Many other celebrities have gone through this as well. Burnout, it turns out, is not just a Hollywood buzzword – it’s an actual medical condition.

Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and other celebrities have all spoken out about burnout and the need to “check in” and give themselves a break.

Queen Latifah is an example of one of those people. She recently said, “I’ve had to literally go away and recover from burnout. Burnout is not just a word – you can be physically exhausted on a cellular level.

But before we jump into this article, it’s important that you keep this in mind. If you are feeling burnout, or think you may be experiencing burnout, make an appointment with a mental health professional or your doctor to get an official diagnosis.

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