Celebrity drag queen Gia Gunn and Jack Daniel’s support Charleston Pride

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  • Gia Gunn will chat about Charleston Pride this Saturday

This Pride month, Jack Daniel’s partners with four celebrity drag queens and allies for a virtual series, Jack Fire Pride that blends two food trends: the drag brunch and the mukbang, an online video in which the host eats food while interacting with an audience.

On June 27, drag queen Gia Gunn will shoutout Charleston Pride on her special brunch/mukbang mashup video. During her episode, Gunn will share a cocktail recipe that uses Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire.

Charleston Pride‘s board of directors recently announced that they will postpone this year’s annual Pride Parade and Pride Festival until Fall 2021.

In a statement festival director Jim Shulse said: “For the duration of 2020, our focus will surround monthly micro-events in hopes to create a Pride Fall Festival. These monthly micro-events will involve all members of our LGBTQ+ and Allied communities in the months of August, September, October and November.”

The Jack Fire Pride series specifically features prominent Asian-American drag queens and LGBTQ+ members. Hosts will have fun, of course, but they’ll also be discussing the very real impacts of COVID on the LGBTQ+ and drag communities.

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