Celebrities are dyeing their hair pink during coronavirus quarantine

All is quiet on Planet Celeb.

Film sets are closed, tours are cancelled, and all the A-list have left to do is dance on TikTok and take selfies (among other more important things, like donating tons of money to Covid-19 charities). And to be fair, we’re enjoying catching glimpses of their sparkly mansions, and knowing what they look like without make-up on, and how many different sets of amazing PJs they own etc.

Justin and Hailey Bieber have been absolute couple goals since it all began (he can’t stop taking pictures of her, cute). As too have Frankie and Wayne Bridge (exactly how long are those slick TikTok routines taking to rehearse?)

Another thing we’re seeing a lot of is celeb hair in all its glory. Ariana Grande’s “quarantine” curls got her a lot of attention, and she wasn’t the only one to go au naturel. Michelle Keegan and Kylie Jenner have both showed off their lockdown locks with pride.


And the most recent hair trend catching our attention mid scroll… pink hair. Yep, the celebs are getting daring (or just bored?), and dusting off their at-home hair dye in flamingo pink.

The most recent was Kate Moss’s daughter, Lottie Moss, who captioned her stunning selfie: “Current mood ngl.”

Elle Fanning, Ireland Baldwin and Jennifer Love-Hewitt all jumped on the pink hair bandwagon, too (Elle’s peachy tones are actually stunning).

celebrities pink hair coronavirus quarantine


celebrities pink hair coronavirus quarantine


But the winner of The Best Pink Quarantine Hair Award goes to… drumroll… Ricky Martin! He is literally living la vida loca RN.

celebrities pink hair dye coronavirus quarantine


And earlier this week, Jurassic Park actress Bryce Dallas teased film bosses by posting a picture of what appeared to be freshly-dyed fuchsia hair, writing: “I’m sure @jurassicworld won’t mind I changed Claire’s hair to fuchsia — what do you think?”

Although we suspect this one’s a fake, because she added later: “(UPDATE: happy #AprilFoolsDay everyone 😉)”

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