30 celebrity-recommended recipes you can make at home

  • Celebrities may be known for their acting or singing talents, but many of them are also impressive cooks.
  • Some have put a twist on easy at-home recipes. Kylie Jenner, for example, adds butter and eggs to packaged ramen, and Rihanna squirts ketchup and mustard on macaroni elbows to make “Mac A Rih’s.”
  • Others — including Eva Longoria and Chrissy Teigen — are professionals who have published cookbooks. 
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Did you know that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson makes a mean batch of pancakes? Or that Chrissy Teigen‘s banana bread is so desirable that fans have bartered for a loaf over Twitter

From Florence Pugh to Sean Combs, many celebrities are impressive bakers and chefs.

Some, like Stanley Tucci and Eva Longoria, have gone as far as publishing their elaborate recipes in cookbooks. Others, including Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, have tweaked everyday foods by adding their own personalized twist. 

Here are 30 recipes created by celebrities — ranging from horchata brownies to marmalade — for you to try at home. 

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