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TLC’s hit television sitcom, Say Yes to the Dresshas seen its fair share of brides, bridesmaids, and celebrities. Since its premiere in 2007, the show now boasts 16 seasons and many celebrity cameos, if you don’t include Kleinfeld’s hosts and stylists, like Randy Fenoli. From comedians and reality stars to former Disney actors and even a Cheetah Girl, many celebrities have walked through the doors of Kleinfeld Bridal, both in search of their own dream dress, as well as aid in the pursuit of other brides’ wedding happiness.

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With the multitude of celebrity appearances, the show even structures their seasons around which celebrity is present in what episode. In the later seasons, the showrunners even use the appearances in the premieres of each season. Here is a look at 10 of the most exciting celebrities that have graced Kleinfeld Bridal Salon, whether they were the bride or just there to support another.

10 Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers makes her appearance in the season 9 premiere episode, “Big Entourage, Bigger Opinions”. In this episode, the comedic legend and fashionista helps a family friend select the wedding dress for her dream destination wedding in Bermuda.

Even though she is late to the appointment, Joan Rivers has great opinions regarding the bride’s dress, strong opinions regarding the couple’s choice of a beach wedding, and some marriage advice from her own personal experience.

9 Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth makes her appearance in the season 10 episode premiere “Sisters Know Best”.

The Broadway star, known for her performances in Wicked, Funny Girl, and The Apple Tree, walks into Kleinfeld with a bride-to-be assistant that is tasked with helping Chenoweth find the perfect glitzy wedding dress, full of glam. Kristen Chenoweth definitely defies gravity in her stunning wedding dress!

8 Jessa Duggar

Jessa Duggar makes her appearance in the upcoming season of Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta. As TLC teases, she accompanies her sister-in-law, Jessica Seewald, as the bride-to-be helps find her perfect wedding dress.

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Overall, while Jessa’s dress style is more reserved than Jessica’s, Jessa does her best to support her sister-in-law as she helps plan her big day.

7 Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin makes her appearance in the episode, “A Comedian Walks Into a Bridal Salon …” Griffin’s assistant is set to be married and was apparently disappointed Kathy was not able to make the appointment, however, the comedian definitely had a few tricks up her sleeve in this surprising episode of Say Yes to the Dress. 

Audiences will not forget Griffin’s (rather creepy) mannequin facade anytime soon.

6 Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa makes her appearance in the season 7 premiere episode, “Pushing the Limits”. In this episode, she convinced Camora that less is not always more, and perhaps there should be sparkle galore!

Ripa attempts to influence the bride to find a dress full of glitz and glam, but she still does her best to support Camora in her quest to find the perfect dress.

5 Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels makes her appearance in the season 12 premiere episode, “Surprise, Surprise!” In this episode, Jillian Michaels, who is famed for her nutrition and healthy-living brand, surprises a bride who lost over 175 pounds.

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Together, the duo works to find the perfect wedding dress for Tumi.

4 Corbin Bleu

Corbin Bleu makes her appearance in the third episode of season 14, “The Sasha Dress!” In this episode, Bleu accompanies his bride-to-be to Kleinfeld to help her search for the perfect dress.

However, after seeing Sasha in a dress, he realizes he doesn’t want to ruin the surprise and promptly leaves the bridal salon. Pnina Tornai even surprised his fiancee with naming a custom dress after her.

3 Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart makes her appearance in the premiere episode of season 14, “What Does Martha Think?” The hostess legend is invited to Kleinfeld to aid in a bride’s hunt for the perfect dress because the bride is getting cold feet.

However, Martha, who shamelessly plugs her latest wedding-related publication, works to support and encourage the bride. There is definitely something to be said for the queen of weddings supporting a bride’s dress choice.

2 Sabrina Bryan

Sabrina Bryan makes her appearance in the eighth episode of season 17, “Cheetah Bride”. In this episode, the Disney legend and Cheetah Girl is on the quest to find the purrfect wedding dress.

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She falls in love with two dresses and one of Kleinfeld’s wedding dress designers, Hayley Paige, is on the quest to help her decide.

1 Theresa And Victoria Caputo

The Long Island Medium and her daughter appeared in the ninth episode of season 14, “Will Victoria Say Yes?” This episode follows Victoria Caputo’s quest to find her dream dress.

While there were a few perfect dresses in the eyes of Victoria and Theresa, the two have conflicting opinions over which one the young bride should wear.

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